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We Design and Accompany Your Campaign – Independently and Creatively

The Lucky Shareman Team is made up of brand and communication experts who have a wealth of experience and a high degree of creativity. Based on this strategy, we design campaigns, measures and individual solutions that work.

Range of Application

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Launches
  • Events
  • Content Creation
  • Promotions
  • Sales

Selecting the perfect influencers

Multiple influencers from various categories ensure the optimal balance of awareness, reach and authentic content. With increasing professionalization, it's essential to understand the dynamics of these processes. That's why contacting, contracts, image rights and the creative briefing are all in the hands of our experts.

Hero-influencers generate awareness with a very high reach.

Rising-influencers are approachable and create diverse and authentic content.

Micro-influencers are trusted and have a high engagement rate.

A Solid Concept

Idea Development

Every campaign is developed based on target group insights and the brand. A simple but solid idea is at the core. In addition to applying successful techniques, we are continually striving to explore unseen ways to design a campaign optimally.

Campaign Accompaniment

We accompany the influencers based on a schedule and approve the posts before they go online. We prepare the content on request and integrate it into your own channels to reach new and existing customers or extend your campaign.

Anaylsis & Reporting

During the campaign, we stay in constant contact with the influencers and keep you informed with regular updates. When the campaign is over, you receive a detailed final report with a qualitative and quantitative analysis. We highly recommend using a suitable reporting tool, especially for long-term influencer marketing plans. You can find more details under Services.

„Are you planning a campaign? Or do you need some advice? We’re excited to hear more about it.“

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