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The New Planning Standard for Influencer Marketing

With Influencer Facts, we set a new standard in target group planning. They give you what influencer marketing has been lacking until now: comparable structural data that enables more efficient use of your media budget. Brands, agencies and influencers alike can benefit from this professionalization.

  • Brands use their media budgets even more efficiently and successfully.
  • Agencies have access to valid planning data and a comparison with other channels.
  • Influencers receive a SedCard with their data that helps them to market themselves.

Comprehensive Planning Basis

The data is based on several thousand survey responses on socio-demographics, consumer behavior, attitudes and thematic interests. This helps brands identify the differences between influencers' profiles and their followers so that they can target their campaigns accordingly.

Target groupWho exactly is reached by which influencer, and what interests does the target group have?

BrandingCan influencers convey messages, and are they perceived as opinion leaders?"

EngagementHow well can the influencer succeed in activating followers – e.g., to buy a product?"

“Brands and agencies not only gain comparative values on the socio-demographics of the target groups reached, but also deep insights into the interests and attitudes of the followers and their perception of advertising and brands. Influencer Facts reveals how much the followers trust their influencer and how strongly the messages activate them.”

Dr. Sandra GärtnerFounder and CEO of the market researcher GreenAdz

Intelligent Planning Database

The study database provides quick and easy results. Depending on your needs, you can view and export the data in various ways – as a table, graph or dashboard. It can be used for everything from campaign planning and strategies for long-term activities to market research. Would you like access to the Influencer Facts or more details about it? Please get in touch.

Idea Development

We develop each campaign from the target group insights and the brand. A simple, strong idea forms the core. In addition to the application of success mechanisms, we always look for unseen ways to set up a campaign optimally.

Campaign Accompaniment

Based on a schedule we accompany the influencers and approve the postings before they go online. The content is prepared by us on request and integrated into the own channels for addressing new and existing customers or campaign extensions.

Our Partners

We developed Influencer Facts in collaboration with experienced partners. Consequently, all areas of competence – influencer marketing, media, market research and tool development – are handled by specialists.

Kontor Digital MediaDevelopment of relevant marketing and media KPIs

GreenAdzDevelopment of study design and implementation of market research

mediMACHIntegration of the results into the evaluation and planning tool

How to plan your campaign right from the start

You will gain access to the first structural database that makes it possible to compare influencers and their followers so that achieving your goals is guaranteed.

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