With Lucky Day, we've created a platform where marketing decision-makers, influencer marketing specialists and top influencers can exchange information about the latest topics and developments. At the one-day, invite-only event, guests will gain insights, knowledge transfer, and practical understanding through engaging presentations and fascinating discussions led by top speakers from the industry. The informal atmosphere also provides plenty of opportunities for personal exchange and networking.

“As a creative person, you're initially skeptical about influencer marketing. But after Lucky Day, I know why: influencers are creative people who use their skills to spark the interest of people you can no longer reach with advertising. Skepticism turned into recognition. And a little envy.”

Peter WaibelCEO Jung von Matt/NECKAR

Influencer Day

Do you want to dive into the topic of influencer marketing together with your employees and colleagues? Do you want to be informed about current events or ask questions about a specific topic? We'd be happy to organize our workshop, Influencer Day, at your company.


Lucky Road Show

Too rainy for you in Hamburg? No problem – we’ll come to you and organize our Lucky Day in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, or your home town. Sign up now for our mailing list and stay informed.