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With over 300 successful campaigns and more than 80 satisfied clients, Lucky Shareman is the premier specialist for sustainable influencer marketing. The agency's core competence is the holistic planning, implementation, performance measurement, and integration into the media mix of influencer marketing campaigns. Our self-developed market media study, Influencer Facts, enables brands and agencies to precisely choose the right influencers using a planning tool. The market research accompanying the campaign allows influencer marketing campaigns to be measured and compared across media.


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CEO's Björn Wenzel and Jean-Paul DanielType of company GmbH (LLC)Established November 2015Head office HamburgNumber of employees 20Website luckyshareman.comAddress Lucky Shareman GmbH, Holstentwiete 15, 22763 HamburgPhone +49 (0) 40 380899-752E-mail


Björn WenzelFounder and CEO

Lucky Shareman's founder is among Germany's leading experts in the field of influencer marketing. He has over 15 years of experience and profound expertise in content, creation and media. As managing director, he actively drives data- and technology-driven solutions, placing a particular emphasis on providing innovative individual solutions.

Jean-Paul DanielCEO

With 16 years of experience and leading roles in both media and agencies, he knows the media world from all angles. In 2020 he joined Lucky Shareman's management team. As a media and digital expert, he focuses on the comprehensive performance measurement of influencer marketing and advises companies on strategic integration into the marketing mix.


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