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Product Development for the Launch of the New Category “Snack Creams”


The brand aims to boost its awareness and attract younger target groups as well. For the launch of the new product category, “snack creams”, food bloggers were engaged to develop new products together with the community.


  • National brand awareness
  • Attract young target group for delicacies
  • Attention to the snack creams
  • Content creation for the own social media channels





The Campaign

Five food bloggers were selected, who each developed a snack cream creation and recipes for it. On their blogs and social media channels, they encouraged their community to vote for their version and suggest a name.

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Further Development

The three snack creams with the most votes were produced and placed in the refrigerated section. The influencers also serve as brand ambassadors for the product and at the POS. This way, the campaign builds a strong bridge between the online world and stationary retail.

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Product innovations

The Result

The target group's high level of involvement yielded good results in terms of quantity and generated many active inquiries about the product and the brand.

“BORN stands for variety of enjoyment. The influencers implemented this impressively and worked very creatively. We're confident that the campaign will make a positive impact on product sales.”

Stefanie Hofmann
Marketing Manager, BORN Senf & Feinkost


  • Strategy
  • Selection and Approach of Influencers
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Creative Briefing
  • Campaign Accompanying
  • Campaign Evaluation


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