Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken – BVR

Campaign Accompanying Market Research Proves: Influencer Marketing Works and Inspires Lasting Enthusiasm


To generate awareness about the Kwitt money sending feature in the VR banking app of the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks, the target group was encouraged to make donations via Kwitt using a "Charity & Challenge" strategy. The higher the amount donated, the more difficult the challenge the influencer accepted.


  • Promoting Kwitt as a product of the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks
  • Increase in usage of the money sending feature Kwitt

80 %

Target group fit

27 %

Increase in brand awareness

Market Research Accompanying the Campaign

At the client's request, #daskannstdukwitten (you can Kwitt this) was also accompanied by market research to verify the campaign's advertising impact. With the market research company GreenAdz, we developed a solution that measured both classic engagement KPIs and the sustainable impact in the target group.


The influencers invited followers to take part in a survey before and after the campaign. Brand awareness, appeal, brand and product perception, and activation in the relevant target groups were surveyed. A tree was donated to an environmental protection organization for each completed survey.

The higher the amount donated, the more difficult the challenge the influencer accepted

The Campaign

Of the 450 proposed influencers, 110 influencers posted with a reach of up to 2.5 million followers. A total of 376 posts were published on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and blogs.


Apart from classic product promotion, the campaign also focused on the "Charity & Challenge" combination. As a first step, the money sending feature Kwitt was explained in detail, and then the influencers shared their attention-grabbing challenges. The higher the donation made, the more difficult the task. The money raised went entirely to one of 80 foundations and organizations previously selected by the influencers – from Kindernothilfe (children's emergency aid) to animal welfare.

Instagram, Blog, Twitch, Youtube

Within five days, the VR banking app jumped 90 spots in the App Store (iOS) to 70th place

Viral Hit

Thanks to the emotional content, the campaign grew into a viral hit. The enthusiastic influencers often mentioned other influencers in their stories, who reposted the campaign and, in this way, made it known to other followers. Regional newspapers and radio stations also became aware of the campaign under the hashtag #daskannstdukwitten and interviewed the influencers.

“The current campaign for the money-sending function Kwitt shows that influencer marketing also works for sophisticated financial products and can have a positive impact on the recognition of such a brand.”

Stephan Arns
Referent für Markenkommunikation und verantwortlich für die Mediaplanung beim Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken

The Result

Through the campaign, the 110 influencers reached over 60 million contacts via Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and blogs. 110 Instagram posts generated 11.2 million contacts and 523,000 interactions. The interaction rate was 4.7%. On YouTube, there are 39 videos with almost 22 million views and 289,000 interactions.


By surveying the community before and after the campaign, market research demonstrated that general awareness of the Kwitt feature increased from 38 % to 48 % as a result of the influencer marketing campaign. For the VR banking app, it rose from 34 % to 45 %. In addition, at the beginning of the campaign, only 4 % of the respondents associated the Kwitt feature with the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks; after the campaign, it was 23 %.

“The liking score tells you how much the target audience likes a campaign. The average liking score of a display campaign is 40 percent. The influencers achieved 52 percent, and user comments were extremely positive. Many users and influencers have continued to post the campaigns and spread the messages virally.”


  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Selection and Approach of Influencers
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Creative Briefing and Challenge Development
  • Campaign Accompanying
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • Development Market Research
  • Evaluation Market Research

Instagram, Blog, Twitch, Youtube

(you can Kwitt this)

61 M


15,9 M

Free additional contacts



21 %

More new registrations than in the previous quarter



27 %

More payments with Kwitt