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#letstalkaboutmoney– A Strong Campaign for Women


Women should be empowered to tackle the topic of finance themselves with the help of the initiative finanz-heldinnen.


Strong, independent female influencers who are role models position the topic openly and authentically in their everyday lives.

Strong Role Models for Women

For the campaign, strong, independent and goal-oriented influencers were sought. In the selection process, the objective was to find heroines who were role models in their community and willing to talk openly about finances.

“They say women are better at shopping for shoes than investing in the stock market.”

The fact is, women make sound financial decisions – provided they have the necessary knowledge.

Katharina Bremer, Project Management Initiative finanz-heldinnen, comdirect

“It just can't be that women know so little about finance only because it's always been a man thing.” @marilena.franca

Authentic Introduction to the Topic

With the hashtag #letstalkaboutmoney, the influencers opened the discussion, participated in podcast talks and grew the community.

Motivating to Act

In a second campaign phase, the women were encouraged with the hashtag #finanzheldinsein (be a financial heroine) to purchase the financial planner using personal discount codes. Influencer ads reinforced the organic posts and reached the top target group beyond the followers.


The followers signaled great interest in exploring the topic, and the finanz-heldinnen channel grew to become the largest Instagram Bank account for women. The case shows that a well-conceived strategy and the right selection of influencers can lastingly embed even seemingly difficult topics in the target group.

7 M

Contacts in the exact matching target group


Link clicks to the financial planner


Community growth for the finanz-heldinnen

“The financial planner was additionally promoted with influencer ads.”

These are placed in the influencer's name and are particularly effective because they reach the target group outside the followers. Would you like to know how you can increase the reach of your campaigns?

Katharina Backenberg, Senior Consultant

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