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#KnowWhatGoesAround - How Influencers Educated About Chlamydia Infection


Sexually transmitted diseases are often a taboo topic in society and are stigmatized. Chlamydia is also considered irrelevant and is rarely addressed, even though it is the most widespread sexually transmitted disease. As a result, the symptoms are not well known. Moreover, the disease may even be asymptomatic. Therefore, education on Chlamydia should be provided urgently!


Influencers educate about the risks and consequences of Chlamydia and confidently communicate ways to prevent it. Influencers can generate high reach for messages about Chlamydia Infection.


We wanted to:

  • Raise awareness about the risks and consequences of Chlamydia.
  • Communicate that it is a common misconception that young people cannot be affected by Chlamydia.
  • De-taboo and de-stigmatize Chlamydia Infection.
  • Promote communication about Chlamydia and motivate young people to get tested.
  • generate attention for the BZgA's initiative.
  • reach a balanced target group in terms of gender and age.

Attention for Chlamydia

Under the hashtag #wissenwasrumgeht, 26 hero- and mid-tier influencers initially posted images with a stand-out look and striking colors, so that they directly attracted attention. Later, they went into more detail about the topic in their Instagram stories, creating a deeper exchange. Entertaining Reels and TikTok videos were used to create additional awareness. The video format helped generate better understanding. By linking the hashtag and the sound, users were guided to enlightening content made by experts.

Graditude on Instagram

The followers on Instagram felt that the openness of the influencers was timely and important. They demanded that such a topic should not be a taboo and thanked the creators for their openness.

Ignorance and shame on TikTok

On TikTok, it became apparent that it is primarily the younger target group that reacts with shame to the topic and has so far only dealt with sexually transmitted infections a little bit or not at all.

"I would have liked the video when I was a teenager.... That's why now I have massive adhesions and one fallopian tube is destroyed.... Get it checked out!"

"Super important topic. I've also only had ONE gynecologist who explicitly educated about it and didn't just name it in passing. Thank you for educating me!"

"I think it's great that you talk openly about it. Everyone wants unprotected sex, but no one thinks about possible consequences. And by that I don't mean children."

Record-breaking popularity

By means of a survey before and after the campaign, it was found that the level of knowledge of the respondents on the subject of Chlamydia increased significantly as a result of the campaign. In addition, an above-average number of people were able to remember the campaign even after it had already ended.

The #WissenWasRumgeht campaign also achieved an above-average Liking score. The responses of the communities were almost exclusively positive.



> 4,7 Mio.


> 2,5 Mio.

reached accounts

> 196k


+ 41%

improved level of knowledge regarding chlamydia


6,908 clicks on the sticker to @liebesleben_de

The campaign was a success

The results show that the use of influencer marketing on health topics is very well received by the communities. Followers were made aware and educated about the risks and consequences of a Chlamydia infection in an entertaining way.

The campaign struck a chord with the young target group (Gen Z) by authentically using the reach of the influencers to address the important topic openly and entertainingly, to de-taboo it and to convey important information.

In fact, the awareness campaign was so well received that we won the golden German Brand Award!

Prisca LauterbachMarketing-Manager

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